Appreciation for the Cupcake Judges!

The Sophie Fund extends its heartfelt appreciation to the finalist judges of the 8th Annual Ithaca Cupcake Baking Contest. They not only volunteered to serve, they also baked up some treats of their own—350 treats, count ‘em!—to pass out to contestants and passersby. Thank you Yuko Jingu of Akemi Food; Ashley Case of Case Sera Sera; Racquel Riccardi of the Sinfully Delicious Baking Co.; Melissa Kenny of Sweet Melissa’s Ice Cream Shop; and Via Carpenter of Via’s Cookies.

Racquel Riccardi, Ashley Case, Melissa Kenny, Yuko Jingu, and Via Carpenter

Sweet Melissa’s Ice Cream Shop

Via’s Cookies

Case Sera Sera

Sinfully Delicious Baking Co.