Simon LeRoux’s Vanilla Lavender Cupcakes

I’m Simon, a 13-year-old who loves to bake. For this delicious cupcake I combined several things I love! Snails are my favorite animal. I have several pet snails. My snail “Pippi Long-Stalking” is one that inspired the decorations for these cupcakes. A favorite flavor in our house is lavender. I used lavender flowers we grew and dried to infuse the milk in the cupcakes with a delicate floral taste. Eating local is important to us. The honey buttercream frosting I made with local, raw honey from Bright Raven Farm and Apiary. Bright Raven keeps some of their bees in our yard. The lavender and honey complement each other very well to make this appealing, snail-approved, mushroom-shaped cupcake.

—By Simon LeRoux