Milo Bakum’s Pusheen Cupcakes

Pusheen Cupcake was the bravest in Cupcake Village and they wanted to go on an adventure. But… their parents said that it was too dangerous. So Pusheen Cupcake left a note on their bed and traveled to the blacksmith. “Give me your finest sword,” said Pusheen Cupcake. “OK, here is excalicake. It is said that only a true hero can wield it,” said the blacksmith. “OK,” said Pusheen Cupcake. They took the sword and nothing happened.  “Oops, I gave you the wrong sword,” said the blacksmith. “Here.” Pusheen Cupcake took the sword and they felt a rush of power. “Cool,” said Pusheen Cupcake.

When Pusheen Cupcake was exploring they found old Wizard Cupcake and they told Pusheen Cupcake a tale about the evil Brussels Sprout and their Evil Broccoli Army. “Only you have the power to stop them but you can’t get there alone. Here is a map that will lead you to Cake Village and Kit Kat Village,” said the wizard. “But that’s just a piece of paper,” said Pusheen Cupcake. “Yeah, I know but the budget has been tight and can’t afford a real map but the villages are both pretty close and the people at Kit Kat Village can tell you how to get to Cake Village,” said the wizard.

So Pusheen Cupcake traveled to Kit Kat Village and said, “I am looking for a brave adventurer.” “I will help you” said Pusheen Kit Kat. “I am good with a bow.” “OK,” said Pusheen Cupcake. “Do you know how to get to Cake Village?” “No but there is a map in a cave close to here,” said Pusheen Kit Kat. “OK,” said Pusheen Cupcake. They travelled to the cave but there were Broccoli soldiers nearby “Gasp, it’s Broccoli soldiers. What do we do?” said Kit Kat Pusheen. “We destroy them,” said Pusheen Cupcake, and they drew their sword and sliced a Broccoli in half.

Kit Kat Pusheen shot an arrow through five Broccoli soldiers. It continued on like that for a few minutes until the Broccoli were defeated. “Well that was easy,” said Pusheen Cupcake. “Yeah,” agreed Kit Kat Pusheen. So they went into the cave and found the map that led to Cake Village a repeated the process.

This time they got Cake Pusheen who was good with an axe and chopping. So they went to the Brussels Sprout Castle then they defeated the evil and everybody lived happily ever after.

I think that your mission (The Sophie Fund) is a really good one, so yeah, and sorry for the rushed ending.

—By Milo Bakum