Ms. K’s Cool Cat Crew’s Collage Wins Kindness Award

Ms. K’s Cool Cat Crew at Turning Point Elementary School TST BOCES won 1st Place in the Elementary School category of the Make Kindness Go Viral! contest on January 27. The award was announced at the 2022 United in Kindness symposium on bullying prevention sponsored by the Tompkins County Bullying Prevention Task Force.

The title of the awarded artwork is “Kindness Is Cool.” Contestants were invited to submit an original poster or social media graphic, created in any art medium, illustrating kindness.

Ms. K’s mission is to build a classroom community where all kids can grow and learn together in a safe and caring environment. The students created a colorful collage spelling out the word “KIND” for their entry into the Kindness contest.

To make the collage, the students poured over magazines and clipped out images that represented kindness in different ways.

One of the judges commented that creating a collage as a class project is a wonderful way to immerse students in the thought process of what represents kindness. The judge noted that the collage’s variety of images reminds us that being kind includes everyone in society.

Contest awardees receive gift cards from Michael’s art supply store and heart symbols donated by Be Kind Ithaca.

The symposium and contest were made possible in part through grants from the Tompkins County Youth Services Department and The Sophie Fund.