Molly Smith and Tyler Rodriguez’s Halloween Cupcakes

Growing up, Halloween was always my favorite holiday. It was one of the few holidays of the year I was able to celebrate alongside my classmates. I am not Christian, and most holidays my classmates celebrated I did not. Everyone was so excited during the holiday season in December and I always felt left out. I wanted to be a part of the Christmas spirit and holiday joy.

But every year, I always celebrated Halloween. I started preparing my costume at least two months in advance and decorated the house every year. These cupcakes are inspired by that joy I felt during the Halloween season. Although the cheesecake filling did not maintain the pumpkin shape once it went into the oven, we wanted the Halloween spirit to be in every part of our cupcakes. We chose a lemonade cake to have a different flavor for our fall cupcakes!

Since the Ithaca weather is still very warm for fall, we wanted to combine the summer-like heat with our Halloween decorated cupcakes. The lemon and cheesecake filling complement each other really well and we felt like our cupcake embodied the warm October days!

—By Molly Smith