Anastasia Kreisel’s Apple Cider Cupcakes

Since going off to college, the holidays have become even more special because it is time that I get to spend back home with my family. We get to bond while picking out our Christmas tree, decorating our house, and having family over for large meals. Thanksgiving and Christmas are such magical times for us, so I wanted to make cupcakes that remind me of that time.

For us, apple cider is a staple during the holidays, so I wanted to use those flavors in a cupcake. While researching apple cider cupcake recipes, I saw some apple and cranberry pastries and realized I wanted to add some cranberry flavors to my cupcakes, since we also love to mix cranberry juice and apple cider during the winter.

 I have a strong baking background so the cupcakes themselves weren’t too difficult, but this was my first time making caramel and I loved being able to try (and succeed) on something that is known for being very difficult to make. The flavors were a great reminder of the wonderful times I have with my family each winter, all wrapped up in a cupcake.

While I, unfortunately, could not share these cupcakes with my family, I loved being able to send lots of pictures of the cupcakes to them, and my mom and I already have plans to remake them once I go home this November.

—By Anastasia Kreisel