Active Minds’ Black Lives Matter Cupcakes

Baked goods have always been a joyful part of my life, an easy way to show my feelings. Growing up, a staple in my household was tiramisu. My parents could never seem to have enough and would always adjust the recipe to make suit my sweet tooth. Making and having tiramisu was a dish that brought us together.

 In context with the current Black Lives Matter movement, I wanted to express the love I feel sometimes lacking from the world in the best way I know how: cupcakes.

Tiramisu does the job by combining a large range of ingredients. From the light cream to the cake soaked with dark coffee and everything in between, I think this treat is an excellent representation of how our society functions. The pieces come together to create something amazing. Without one or more of the ingredients, the cake loses a key flavor.

Tiramisu reflects on how I feel about equality and how when one group is being harmed we must stand together with them in order to reach a community that will benefit everyone.

This tiramisu cupcake is a ladyfinger cupcake with a coffee cream center and a sweet ricotta cream cheese frosting. There is a small pipette inserted filled with hazelnut coffee and a stenciled design on the top of the BLM fist and the letters BLM.

—By Noga Cohen for Active Minds at Ithaca High School