“Finding Hope in a Colorless World”

In Episode 4 of The Scoop on Mental Health podcast, Michayla meets Chris Biehn, who describes how bipolar disorder has affected his quality of life and how he has found the strength to inspire others as a mental health advocate. In “Finding Hope in a Colorless World,” we hear about the onset of Chris’s mental illness, the benefits of being candid about his struggle, and the campaign he launched to promote mood disorders acceptance. “The most meaningful connections are made when we’re vulnerable,” Chris tell us. “Find people you can be vulnerable with, so you can have those really neat, deep, and meaningful friends.”

Episode 4

Chris Biehn


4pod “Finding Hope in a Colorless World” [Episode 4] Listen
Chris Biehn relates how living with bipolar disorder inspires him to help others with their own mental health struggles.