2022 Ithaca Cupcake Baking Contest Award Winners

1st Place

Megan Martinez

2nd Place

Akiko Cliteur

3rd Place

Ayumi Pereira

Youth Award

Katy Holloway

Honorable Mention

Aušra Milano

Suicide Prevention & Crisis Service

Anastasia Beltz

Suzanne Beltz

Henry Bowes

Takoda Warner

Kate Bagnell

Sarah Scinto-Madonich

Renee Stilwell

Krya O’Toole

Peachy Keen Award

Cy Centeno-Pearlman

Candyland Award

Hudson Sage Meyers Emberley

Pumpkin Patch Award

Ada Caster

You’ll Fall for These Award

Brooke Gordon

Most Fulfilling Award

Anna Brown

Most Bombastic Award

Michael Herceg

Bee-licious Award

Kristina LaPage

Retro Diner Award

Mary Sever-Schoonmaker

Out of This World Award

Della Keahna Warrior

It’ll Make You Go Nuts! Award

Persephone Doggett

Just the Right Amount of Zest Award

Echo Doggett