Ann Phelan’s Spiced Apple Pie Cheesecake Cupcakes

Fall in upstate New York is my favorite baking time. The crisp, cool air just feels me with the anticipation of comfy nights and a warm fire. Apple picking has always been a favorite time for me and my family to go apple picking together. We started when my four children were small and now they are grown with kids of their own. The tradition hasn’t stopped but the “brood” has outgrown the “Brady Bunch” moniker that my second eldest gave our family long ago. It still makes me laugh.

Applesauce, apple breads, apple pies were all part of the triumphant reward for bringing home baskets full of apples. There’s always that one person in the family that has to have things their way so we added cheesecake to some of the desserts. My grandkids love it though!

Our overall fave is soft, “fall smelling” spiced cake filled with cheesecake, apple pie filling and a light fluffy cream cheese whipped cream topping. Oh, we can’t forget the homemade caramel drizzle though! All of the “kids” love to watch the “volcano-like” caramel “erupt”! Best apple picking memory, you ask? The time my youngest daughter “had” to climb the tree to get the huge apple at the top and ripped her pants! She however didn’t find it funny (and still doesn’t) because we always go to lunch after apple picking! Did we? Of course!!

—By Ann Phelan