Tabitha Gray’s Rooster Cupcakes

My cupcake is a lemon pop cake with lemon frosting decorated with a rooster head and feathers made of fondant and food coloring. I also added little fondant eggs on the back. I tried to arrange them in the shape of a rooster. My mom helped me by making the rooster head.

I met Twister when we rescued him from another farm where he didn’t fit in. When I first saw him I thought, “Wow, he’s huge, now which one are we taking home”? I was surprised when it was him. The entire way home he was clucking and making noises. At first the hens did not accept him and he kept having to go in solitaire. Eventually they worked out the pecking order.

A couple weeks ago, I heard a bird scream and saw all the birds were there except my rooster. I went into the woods and saw a fox run away.  Then I saw Twister.  He made a noise and I scooped him up. We didn’t think he’d make it through the night but now he’s walking again.  He’s still slowly getting better.

— By Tabitha Gray