Judy Zhu’s Matcha Cupcakes

I was inspired to make these cupcakes after missing out on mooncakes this recent Mid-Autumn Festival.

Back home, I would enjoy mooncakes with my family during this time of the year—my favourite part of the mooncake was always the salted egg yolk, and I’d eat any leftovers that my sister didn’t want.

To complement the egg yolk filling, I turned to another one of my childhood favourites: matcha. I decided to pair the subdued, earthy flavours of matcha with the rich egg yolk.

The final result reminds me of steamed matcha buns with salted egg yolk filling (similar to Chinese liu sha bao). The matcha pocky topping reminds me of my sister—pocky is one of her favourite snacks, and the bunny ear arrangement reminds me of her fondness for rabbits.

These cupcakes are my way of incorporating my favourite traditional Asian ingredients with one of my favourite Western desserts.

—By Judy Zhu