Aušra Milano’s Waffle Cone Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for my family, with them in mind. The cupcake baking contest is virtual this year, so my kids would be the ones eating them, and my sister, if she comes to visit.

No need to say that we are all facing difficult times. So many lives have been touched, in so many hurtful ways, so many lives lost, or broken, or halfway broken, barely holding on, struggling physically, emotionally, financially, or in many other ways.

I wanted to make a cupcake that would symbolize happy, and hopeful, and joyful, that would remind us of the times when all was OK, or at least it seemed OK.

I thought of the ice cream socials I used to have for kids at my son’s elementary school, and for my coworkers, and for my paddling buddies. Such glorious, joyful memories of the times when we could all just get together, scoop ice cream, pour some hot fudge on top, and just have wonderful happy time.

Those times will definitely be back, and I know that we will enjoy them even more than we used to.

—By Aušra Milano