Cupcakes: Special Awards

Contestants in the 2nd Annual Ithaca Cupcake Baking Contest on Saturday came up with innovative and fun designs and tastes—congratulations to these winners of Special Awards!

Best Youth Cupcake

Natalie McCaskill-Myers


Can’t Believe It’s Vegan!

Erica Brath


Most Unique Frosting

Amy Fuhr


Most Inspiring Cupcake

Beth Goelzer Lyons


Brightest Flavor

Star Utter


Best Theme

Patti Meyers (and Hudson)


Classiest Cupcake

Aušra Milano


Most International Cupcake

Maggie Chutter


Most Creative Flavor

Kim Englehart


Richest Cupcake

Mary Sever Schoonmaker


Fluffiest Cupcake

Lynn Sokolowski


Healthiest Cupcake

Lianna White


Most Locally Inspired Cupcake

Sadie Hays


Pretty in Pink

Hannah Cohn-Manik


Cutest Cupcake

Jessica Adams


Best Dressed Cupcake

Geneva Moreland


x-natalie copy

Natalie McCaskill-Myers’s entry: “Unicorn cupcake with an “S” for Sophie”—caramel coffee pumpkin with a cardamom cream cheese frosting



Erica Brath’s entry: Kirsch-flavored black forest cupcake with chocolate and cherry topping



Amy Fuhr’s entry: Vanilla cupcake filled with key lime pie on a graham cracker crust topped with meringue and a raspberry



Beth Goelzer Lyons’s entry: Chocolate chip cookie dough-filled vegan chocolate cupcake with cookie dough frosting and topped with a chocolate tree



Star Utter’s entry: Lemon cupcake with buttercream frosting



Patti Meyers’s entry: My Father’s Dragon Tangerina Cupcakes—tangerine-flavored cupcake with blue and white striped dragon decoration



Aušra Milano’s entry: Chocolate cupcakes with cocoa nibs, chocolate ganache filling, and rose-scented vanilla cream cheese frosting



Maggie Chutter’s entry: Baklava cupcakes—phyllo dough cupcake with honey cinnamon frosting



Kim Englehart’s entry: Chocolate bourbon cupcake with smoked coconut bacon, maple frosting and caramel bourbon sauce



Mary Sever-Schoonmaker’s entry: sea salt caramel-filled chocolate zucchini cupcake with chocolate meringue buttercream frosting garnished with cashew toffee bark



Lynn Sokolowski’s entry: White chocolate macadamia cupcake with raspberries and white chocolate buttercream frosting



Lianna White’s entry: Gluten-free carrot raisin walnut cupcake with a frosting made from cashews, cream cheese, vanilla and maple syrup



Sadie Hays’s entry: The Black Diamond—cabernet franc and raspberry ganache-filled chocolate cake with vanilla chevre frosting, topped with Indian Creek raspberries and a white chocolate “Cayuga Lake” sail



Hannah Cohn-Manik’s entry: Vanilla cupcake with raspberry meringue buttercream frosting



Jessica Adams’s entry: Chocolate cupcake with Oreo frosting



Geneva Moreland’s entry: Blackberry-filled chocolate cupcake with vegan cream cheese chocolate sage frosting topped with fresh sage