“In the Deepest Depths”

Trenni Kusnierek, a reporter/anchor for Comcast Sportsnet New England, is using her public profile to raise awareness about mental illness and depression—sharing her own experiences.


This is an excerpt from a Boston Globe profile:

It’s hard to articulate what it’s like in the deepest depths. But the best way I can explain it is you almost feel like you are separate from yourself. You don’t feel like you are physically inhabiting that space in the moment. That’s an awful feeling. No matter what anyone says to you in that moment, how much they love you, how great you are, that you have a great life…none of it, your brain cannot process it or register it. …I’d do anything to be a super-chill hippie. That would be my ideal life.

Check out “The Trenni Kusnierek You Don’t Know,” the piece in Milwaukee Magazine where she first spoke about her depression and how she realized it was important to talk about it publicly.