2023 Ithaca Cupcake Baking Contest Award Winners

1st Place

Megan Martinez

2nd Place

Alecia Sundsmo

3rd Place

Lucy Jiang

Youth Award

Josie Bower

Fairy’s Favorite Award

Ana Beltz

Best Farm to Table Award

Aušra Milano

Profound Pastry Award

Suicide Prevention & Crisis Service

Most Dramatic Award

Tabitha Gray

Snakes on a Plate Award

Rebecca Gray

Dessert for Breakfast Award

Kathryn Holloway

Best Special Effects Award

Anisa Pepinsky

Queen Bee Award

Hudson & Gamay

Most Savory Award

Nilka Joaquin

Most Mouthwatering Award

Isabel Perkins

Funkiest Fungi Award

Lily Lowder

Campfire Paradise Award

Ashley Rorick

Monkey Madness Award

Jessica Cullen

Ithaca Is Icing Award

Heather Lee

Perfect Presentation Award

Mary Sever-Schoonmaker

Literary Genius of Cupcakes Award

Siena Drumluk

Absolutely Artistic Award

Michael Herceg

Big Top Award

Chiara Miller-Out

The Whole Package Award

Eleni Casseri