Hailey Whitten’s Oreos Cupcakes

I’ve always loved Oreos and cookies and cream has always been my favorite ice cream flavor. For the contest I decided to combine some of my favorite things and try a new recipe for chocolate cookies and cream cupcakes.

A talented baker named Rosanna Pansino inspired me to bake a lot during Coronavirus. She has a YouTube channel and bakes a lot. I learned many baking techniques from her, like putting a pipping bag in a cup so the buttercream does not spill out, or to have a rubber band on the pipping bag so the buttercream does not come out of the end.

Usually, I try to put in buttercream in a bag and it turns out well, but this time the Oreos in the pipping bag got stuck. I did not crush the Oreos very well so the buttercream would not come out of the bag. So, I went with Plan B and I had to spread the buttercream on with a knife instead. I was frustrated, but I didn’t give up and worked through my challenge.

I’m happy with the end result—my cupcake is beautiful, fabulous, and delicious. The flavor of the cupcake base is a great complement to the sweet buttercream frosting. I would definitely make this recipe again!

—By Hailey Whitten