Audrey and Simon’s “Matthew and Mae’s” Cupcakes

Matthew and Mae’s Cupcakes is the idea of two friends who have been friends since before they could walk.  Simon and Audrey are now twelve years old.  One of their favorite things to do together is to bake and aspire to start their own cupcake business (which they have already named Matthew and Mae’s, after their middle names). 

They were super excited when they heard about Sophie’s Cupcake Contest!  Quarantine made it more difficult to plan and execute but thanks to Facetime they made their careful plans and divvied up the tasks.  The cupcake they chose is based on their mutual love for their hometown, Ithaca, and its “gorgeous” fall beauty. As well as a nod to Audrey’s new puppy named Cider, a perfect fit with their fall-themed cupcake.