Devan Accardo’s “The Chai-ld” Cupcakes

Inspired by the Star Wars series The Mandalorian, these cupcakes celebrate the character colloquially referred to as “Baby Yoda,” who, in the show, is only referred to as “The Child.”

I had three goals for what I wanted to do: 1) something Star Wars themed, 2) a creative/unexpected flavor, and 3) a great pun name. I struggled for a while to come up with something I liked, but as soon as I thought of “The Chai-ld” I knew that was it. I’ve never made something like this before, so it was fun to try.

There are some things I would like to have done differently, but I had some last-minute work obligations come up during the time I’d set aside to work on these, so I didn’t have any time to spare to re-do things. I had tried making the ears out of frosting the night before and freezing them, but they melted too quickly when I put them on, and I didn’t have time to come up with something else (I would have done melted/molded chocolate instead) so I grabbed some fresh mint leaves from my garden and used them for the ears. I think it worked, and they’re also yummy!

Star Wars has always been close to my heart and something I associate with quality time with my family. Last year, we all watched The Mandalorian together at Christmas, but this year, we probably won’t be able to all be together for the holidays. My brother lives in California, and one of the ways we keep in touch when we can’t see each other is by texting each other with Star Wars related things, so I am excited to be able to show him these! I think he will be proud.

Critics are raving:

“The flavors are actually really delicately balanced.” — My husband

“I assumed the sweetness would be really heavy-handed, because, it’s you, but it’s actually just the perfect amount.” — Also my husband

“The cupcake itself is somehow both dense and fluffy at the same time.” — Also my husband, he’s the only person here to taste them. 

—By Devan Accardo