2018 Ithaca Cupcake Baking Contest Winners

1st Place:

Zoe Dubrow

2nd Place:

Jennifer Dobmeier

3rd Place:

Erin Morris

Youth Award:

Krya O’Toole


Honorable Mention:

Alexandra and Taylor Beauvais

Sophie Callister

Hannah and Cheryl Stephenson

Patti Meyers and Hudson

Tamarynde Cacciotti

Mary Sever-Schoonmaker


Most Masterful Musical Melody Award:

Natalie McCaskill-Myers

Most Creatively Crafty Cupcake:

Sally Brenner

Most Fabulously Floral Cupcake:

Aušra Milano

Most Awesome Autumn:

Robyn Schmitt

Most Magnificent Marvelous Moose Masterpiece:

Claire Litwin

Most Sensationally Cinnamony Cupcake:

Isabella Jones and Navia Marshall

Most Must Eat the Whole Chocolatey-Minty Thing Award:

Rhonda Williamsee

The Everything Fun about Fall Cupcake:

Sean Vickroy

Most Caramel Crave-Quenching Confection:

Alana Craib

Chilliest Coconut Cake Confection:

Matilde Portnoy

Best Cupcake to Take on the Trail:

Ella Corson

Best Campfire Cupcake:

Maggie Chutter

Most Likely to Make the Judges Go Coco for Coconut Award:

Cierra Howard

Best Flavorful Fall Frosting:

Jessara Thomas

Most Luxuriously Luscious Lavender Cupcake:

Oluademi James-Daniel

Best Birthday cupCake:

Ella Kain

Pretty in Pink Award:

Ibtisaam Ahmed

Novel Neopolitan:

Jenna Kain

Harvest Cupcake:

Lianna White

Chocolate Chili:

Sadie Hays

Best Carrot Top:

Sul Jordan

Most Luscious Lemon:

Talon Jordan

Tastiest Toastiest Pumpkin:

Cristin McLaughin and Searra Lindhurst

Ultimate Chocolate Tower:

Sonia and Ella Carr

Classic Superstar:

Matt Jirsa for Cornell Minds Matter