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Season One

6pod“Nobody Talks About This”  [Episode 6] Listen

Padriac Lillis wrote and performed a play about his struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts, prompting conversations about mental illness from audience members and people in his life.


Check it at the Door” [Episode 5] Listen

Actor Brooke Shilling discusses the effect acting has on mental health—it’s not easy to put aside your life when you’re performing, yet holding onto experiences helps her bring real life to her characters.


4pod “Finding Hope in a Colorless World” [Episode 4] Listen

Chris Biehn tells us how living with bipolar disorder inspires him to help others with their own mental health struggles.


3pod“I Reached Rock Bottom” [Episode 3] Listen

Amy Savitt recounts her journey to getting the proper help for her mental illness after being misdiagnosed for almost her entire life.


2pod “We’re Here for a Reason” [Episode 2] Listen

Scott Fried tells us how getting infected with HIV/AIDS led him to start a life of preaching messages of self-worth and love to people around the world.


1pod “It Was Just Something I Dealt With” [Episode 1] Listen

Bridget Strawn tells us about how she learned to manage her anxiety and depression, and how that experience inspired the creation of a self-care app.


The Scoop on Mental Health with Michayla Savitt

Welcome to my podcast changing the way people think about mental health challenges—by talking openly about them. While eating ice cream!

The genesis of this project came amidst my own experience managing the ups and downs of a mood disorder, and wanting to facilitate an open dialogue about mental health challenges. My hope is that by hearing stories of resilience, anyone listening can find their own voice as well.

In the series you’ll hear from young professionals, students, and artists about their unique experiences managing depression, anxiety, OCD, and bipolar disorder. Other guests also discuss emotional awareness in their careers or how to help others who need guidance.

While neither my guests nor I provide professional medical advice, their stories provide insights into the experiences of those struggling with mental illness.

I believe that if we simply listen more, it is possible to better connect with people and our understanding one another’s lives.

Michayla Savitt, a recent Ithaca College alumnus, is a news anchor and reporter at Cayuga Radio Group