The Sophie Fund

The Sophie Fund is a donor-advised fund under the umbrella of the Community Foundation of Tompkins County. Sophie’s family and friends established The Sophie Fund in April 2016 to support what local community leaders acknowledge is a very critical need: enhanced mental health initiatives aiding young people in Ithaca, a college town in Upstate New York with a student population of about 35,000.

The Sophie Fund is working closely with local authorities, university administrators, local agencies, youth organizations, and mental health specialists to support programs that achieve tangible results. It considers grants to non-profit organizations working in the mental health field.

The donor advisors for The Sophie Fund are collaborating with community stakeholders to conduct regular fundraising campaigns in order to grow the value of the fund and increase its impact in the community.

Community Advisory Group

The Sophie Fund Strategic Plan 2017

The Sophie Fund Fact Sheet (October 2017)

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