Katy Holloway’s Adventures in Candy Land Cupcakes

I am now in 8th grade but when I was in elementary school I attended an after school program right at my school. Many of the toys were donated and not in the best shape but we still managed to have fun. We found out a little imagination goes a long way. A good friend and I would play the game Candy Land. Well, we didn’t really play it according to the official rules.

Since a lot of the pieces were lost, we would just make up our own stories with the characters on the board. We would pretend we were Mr. Mint or Princess Lolly, and make up stories about our adventures crossing the Gumdrop Mountains or the Lollipop Forest. One story we would tell is when we were living in our favorite place on the board, the Peppermint Forest. In this story, we were taken by the evil queen and we had to fight back. Once we won the fight, we decided to live in the forest and start a bakery. These are great memories that I treasure.

—By Katy Holloway