Kelly and Rosemary Rowland’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Jelly Surprise Cupcakes

My daughter Kelly has multiple disabilities and two years ago she suffered a stroke. She has come a long way since then although it affected many of her abilities especially her vision. One of the things we have always loved to do together is bake and with some assistance she can continue doing so.

These cupcakes were her design where we combined a number of different flavors along with some changes she made during the baking process. I was her assistant where she needed help with fine motor control such as the frosting, measuring and using the oven. 

She wanted dark chocolate (“because that is healthier”) and the jam was strawberry (her favorite) but it could be any kind. Peanut butter frosting (“dad will like that”) and because she LOVES peanut butter cups we put them in. We used dark ones but you can use milk chocolate as well. The chocolate drizzle used up any leftover chocolate.

Kelly is competitive so she was thrilled to hear about and to participate in this contest. It gives her the opportunity to continue doing things she loves despite her disability. She is already planning on baking vegan cupcakes next! What can I say—I’m only the assistant.

—By Kelly and Rosemary Rowland