Bella Nevarez’s Sweet Pink Cupcakes

While I was thinking about making Halloween themed cupcakes, I wanted to make something a bit brighter. As pink has always been my favorite color, I thought this was a perfect choice!

I first went to the store and bought all the ingredients that I needed then drove back home. However, when I arrived back home, I realized that my family does not own a cupcake pan, so I had to drive back to the store. Finally, it came time to make the cupcakes. I started putting the eggs, vegetable oil, and water into a bowl which I then mixed with a mixer. Thereafter, I poured the mix into the pan and put them in the oven.

After about 15 minutes, I checked to make sure the cupcakes were ready by putting a toothpick into them and making sure they did not stick to the wood. Once they passed the check, I took them out and waited for them to cool. After about 20 minutes, I started decorating them by applying icing. On the first cupcake, I tried to make the icing have a swirl pattern, but then I decided it was too difficult for me to perfect. Thus, I then tried to put icing and spread it out all over the cupcake with a butterknife. After four cupcakes, I ran out of the icing that I bought, so I had to use a different icing that I previously already had in my pantry.  I then poured the pink sugar pearls and white sanding sugar on top.

They are not perfect, but for my first time, they were pretty good!

—By Bella Nevarez